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Patients in Los Angeles or New York City Needed for Clinical Study - Comparative Study of Women Considering or Currently Receiving Botox© Injections for TMJ Pain

Are you a woman with "TMJ" pain in facial muscles, who has either: a. recently had Botox© injections for your pain or b. not had Botox© for your pain but has thought about such treatment? If either is true for you, you may qualify for an observational research study centrally administered by the NYU College of Dentistry. It is funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The purpose of this study is to understand potential health risks that may be caused by treating "TMJ pain" with Botox© injections.

Why Head and Face Pain Cause More Suffering

Hate headaches? The distress you feel is not all in your -- well, head. People consistently rate pain of the head, face, eyeballs, ears and teeth as more disruptive, and more emotionally draining, than pain elsewhere in the body.

Migraine and Coronary Artery Disease: A Genetic Connection

There has long been as association between migraine headaches and vascular (blood vessel) dysfunction of some kind, underscored by epidemiological studies and other research. New evidence for a genetic connection now comes from the analysis of several large data sets of each condition based on Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS).

Patients with Chronic Migraine More Likely to Suffer from TMD

In a recent study, researchers found that patients with chronic migraines which usually occur for more than 15 days a month are likely to experience three times more severe symptoms of Temporomandibular disorder (TMD) than patients with an episodic migraine.

Are you a TMD patient with Tinnitus?

It's a ringing sound, a buzzing, a hiss.... It can be soft or loud, intermittent or present all the time, affecting one ear or both. In whatever way it affects you, it's damned annoying, unpleasant, distracting. Indeed, it is considered the worst problem affecting human beings after pain and dizziness.

Courtney's Story

  • May 13, 2015

I'm a 21-year-old mom. I have been suffering from TMJ since I was 13 when I was fitted with braces. Suddenly, I had terrible facial pain which bothered me for years. It improved over time, until last week, when I needed to have some dental work done. Because I had not had severe pain for awhile, I neglected to tell my new dentist about my previous history with TMJ. That day, I had to sit with my mouth wide open for about 45 minutes as the dentist filled six teeth.

The next day I awoke to excruciating pain on the left side of my face. It became so bad that I couldn’t open my mouth at all, so that night I went to the ER at my local hospital. At the hospital, the doctor prescribed an antibiotic, assuming that I had an infection. He also prescribed Percocet for the pain. These medications made me nauseous and they only relieved the pain for about two hours, after a while it returned worse than before. I couldn't move my mouth and I couldn't talk. The only thing that gave me any relief was to put scalding hot wash cloths on my face. Not knowing what else to do, I returned to the ER. This time the doctor assumed that I was a drug seeker, so he gave me a shot of Toradol and told me to see my dentist.

Again, the treatment (the shot) helped me temporarily and I slept through the night, but the morning brought another day of unbearable pain. I tried taking high doses of Motrin and Tylenol even knowing that wasn’t a smart thing to do, but I needed to find some relief.

I did return to my dentist as fast as I could, but at the appointment, he said that he was sorry, he couldn’t help me anymore. He referred me to an oral maxillofacial surgeon. This time I was given a prescription for Valium and even that is not helping – the pain is intense and my ear hurts so much.

One of the worst parts of my story is that I was feeling that nobody I went to believed me when I described my pain and how terrible it was – and it is! Then I found this website [] and learned that I am not alone. It was such a relief to know that there are many others who understand what I’m going through, because they are experiencing it, too. The website has taught me so much about TMD. I am so glad I found it and I wish good luck to everyone suffering from this horrible disease.

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